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6 days ago hellmonk3Merge pull request #1972 from hellmonk3/rollingrocks
6 days ago hellmonk3Merge pull request #1971 from hellmonk3/zotshop
12 days ago advilbuild: update ci irc information
2021-06-06 gammafunkUpdate IRC and community information
2021-04-12 advilTry to fix homebrew for mac CI runner
2021-04-12 advilDisable universal CI builds for now
2021-04-12 advilAttempt to add mac universal builds to CI
2021-04-05 advilCI: pin a pip version that will work with py27
2021-03-19 Edgar A. Bering IVFix ccache clang in CI?
2021-02-02 advilReorder checkwhite and unbrace in CI
2021-02-01 Alex JurkiewiczMigrate to actions/cache v2 (was v1)
2020-12-13 advilMention seeds in the issue template
2020-10-25 Aidan HolmAdd GitHub Actions CI check for header-build-tests
2020-10-25 Aidan HolmAdd BUILD_ALL=1 build tests to GHA CI
2020-10-25 Aidan HolmFix ccache not working on GitHub Actions CI
2020-08-21 Alex JurkiewiczUpdate a Github action source
2020-07-17 advilFix actions retries (alexjurkiewicz)
2020-07-03 advilRun tests for webtiles in gh actions
2020-06-28 Alex JurkiewiczEnable console E2E/stress/lua tests ('make test') on GHA
2020-06-28 Alex JurkiewiczPull out ccache setup to an external action
2020-06-28 Alex JurkiewiczPrint compiler version
2020-06-28 Alex JurkiewiczSimplify failure reporting.
2020-06-28 Alex JurkiewiczInstall GDB for FULLDEBUG runs
2020-05-15 advilRemove isort as a CI check
2020-05-13 advilTemporarily disable make test test pending further...
2020-05-13 advilRun test in correct directory
2020-05-13 advil...
2020-05-13 advilTry to make actions run `make test`
2020-05-11 Alex JurkiewiczClean up notification logic
2020-05-11 Alex JurkiewiczRemove BUILD_ALL CI config
2020-05-10 Alex JurkiewiczFix CI ccache caching
2020-05-09 advilProbably actually don't message on every push
2020-05-09 advilI'm gonna veto this one, sorry
2020-05-09 Alex JurkiewiczNotify IRC for every build result
2020-05-09 Alex JurkiewiczInclude coverage of catch2 files in coverage tracking
2020-05-09 Alex JurkiewiczAdd build failure notification
2020-05-09 Alex JurkiewiczAdd a CI job for BUILD_ALL=1
2020-05-02 advilExplicitly install python for catch2 tests
2020-05-02 advilFix a directory name
2020-05-02 advilAttempt to install python more carefully for actions
2020-05-02 advilTry a different yaml package name for actions
2020-05-02 Kyle RawlinsIssue template tweaks
2020-04-21 Alex JurkiewiczAdd CI jobs to test TAG_MAJOR_VERSION 35
2020-04-19 Alex Jurkiewiczci: Install PyYAML for Python 3 on macOS
2020-04-19 Alex JurkiewiczSimplify CI version detection
2020-04-19 Alex JurkiewiczUpload release builds to GitHub releases
2020-04-14 Alex JurkiewiczCorrect a step name
2020-04-14 Alex JurkiewiczFix CPU detection on macOS
2020-04-04 Alex JurkiewiczAdd CI for webserver
2020-03-18 Alex JurkiewiczDon't print to stderr
2020-03-18 Alex JurkiewiczRefactor
2020-03-18 Alex JurkiewiczAdd retry support to
2020-02-28 Alex JurkiewiczDon't fail CI if Codecov upload fails
2020-02-19 Alex JurkiewiczCreate ~/.ccache if needed
2020-02-19 Alex JurkiewiczAdd size limits to ccache
2020-02-19 Alex JurkiewiczDisplay ccache config per-build
2020-02-19 Alex Jurkiewiczs/coveralls/codecov/
2020-02-19 Alex JurkiewiczExclude catch2-tests/ from coverage data
2020-02-11 Alex JurkiewiczAdd Github Actions CI
2019-12-06 advilAdd frontmatter to issue template
2019-12-06 advilRelocate issue template to modern location