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2021-03-31 Edgar A. Bering IVUpdate altar vault guidelines
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2021-03-31 Edgar A. Bering IVUnify and overhaul depth and tags of overflow temples
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2020-06-07 gammafunkUse correct DES syntax for wand charges
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2020-02-11 theJollySinDocument an arrival vault guideline (ebering)
2020-01-01 Alex JurkiewiczImprove coverage documentation
2020-01-01 Alex JurkiewiczAdd code coverage tracking
2019-12-23 Seve MonahanIntegrate catch2 testing framework into crawl.
2019-10-27 advilSeveral updates to the debian release guide, convert...
2019-08-19 advilSeparate unique vault tracking for abyss from everythin...
2019-08-19 advilRemove almost all instances of you.unrands
2019-07-19 Alex JurkiewiczAdd guidelines for no_tele_into usage (#1118)
2019-06-26 advilMore specific documentation about des stability and...
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2019-05-01 Alex JurkiewiczImprove create_enum docs (#1052)
2019-03-28 Kyle RawlinsSmall tweaks to the .deb guide
2019-03-07 gammafunkUpdates to the debian package guide
2019-02-22 Chris CampbellUpdate a file path in git docs
2019-02-13 advilChange behavior of multiple DEPTH: lines, fixing some...
2019-02-11 advilDeprecate acquire item specs for regular dungeon generation
2019-02-03 advilAvoid a few cases of random tags in the .des cache
2019-02-02 advilMore documentation and notes on seeding
2019-02-02 advilFurther updates to rng development docs
2019-01-31 advilRemove crawl.random_element and replace with something...
2019-01-31 advilMore improvements to randomization
2019-01-29 advilcheckwhite
2019-01-29 advilSequence many, many random calls whose order was undefined
2019-01-19 advilHandle levelup stats in a cleaner way
2019-01-19 Kyle RawlinsDoc updates
2019-01-19 Alex Jurkiewiczspecies: Make difficulty mandatory
2019-01-19 Alex JurkiewiczGenerate species data from YAML files
2019-01-08 NormalPerson7Rename spret_type to spret
2019-01-08 NormalPerson7Convert spret_type to an enum class
2018-12-06 gammafunkGauntlet: A new portal that replaces Labyrinths
2018-11-27 gammafunkUpdate marker info in the DES syntax guide
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2018-06-17 gammafunkUpdate ghost vault guidelines
2018-06-17 gammafunkReformat vault guidelines
2018-06-17 advilDraft some design guidelines for ghost vaults
2018-06-13 gammafunkMerge pull request #788 from NormalPerson7/fix-temple...
2018-06-13 gammafunkMerge pull request #787 from ebering/des-syntax-pr
2018-06-13 Edgar A. Bering IVDocument glyph default behavior in .des pull/787 787/head
2018-06-04 Chris CampbellMerge pull request #722 from dplusplus/fix_help
2018-04-25 Yer mivvaggahdon't recommend LTO
2018-01-27 Aidan HolmFix typo (Poroing, #11291)
2018-01-22 advilCentralize some vault-type-specific guidelines to be...
2017-12-29 Neil MooreUpdate new-member instructions slightly.
2017-12-17 Neil MooreCheckwhite.
2017-12-13 Alan MalloyFix spelling (|amethyst)
2017-12-13 advilAdd major tag version history to main repository
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2017-03-29 Isaac SloatTotally rewrite and rename process.txt
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