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2021-05-18 advilrefactor: clean up some vaults monspec code, document
2021-05-10 advilfeat: add a way to reset the !a warning without swappin...
2021-05-10 KateUpdate manual entry for grey draconians
2021-05-02 advilfeat: allow setting tiles window width by ratio
2021-04-23 advildocs: Document force_more_message vs runrest_stop_message
2021-04-19 Edgar A. Bering IVdocs: changelog through 0.27-a0-1047
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2021-04-02 staharaRST manual: escape the vertical bar key for layer toggle
2021-03-31 Edgar A. Bering IVUpdate altar vault guidelines
2021-03-31 Edgar A. Bering IVEnforce overflow temple depth restrictions in the builder
2021-03-31 Edgar A. Bering IVUnify and overhaul depth and tags of overflow temples
2021-03-27 advilSimplify flight
2021-03-24 Nicholas FeinbergFix Dj/Pa manual species order (|amethyst)
2021-03-23 Edgar A. Bering IVChangelog through 0.27-a0-737
2021-03-23 Neil MooreCorrect syntax in docs.
2021-03-23 Nicholas FeinbergNew race: Djinni
2021-03-23 Nicholas FeinbergRemove Halflings
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2021-03-08 KateFix fail_severity options
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2021-02-22 Neil MooreFix a typo in the changelog
2021-02-22 Nicholas FeinbergManual updates (nicolae)
2021-02-22 Nicholas FeinbergMake zigs grant zot immunity (hellmonk, etc)
2021-02-19 Jeffery Stagerfix typo in crawl_manual.rst
2021-02-16 Edgar A. Bering IVUpdate the changelog through 0.27-a0-365
2021-02-16 Edgar A. Bering IVUpdate the changelog for 0.26.1
2021-02-15 Nikolai LavskyUpdate the des syntax doc
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2021-02-10 Nicholas FeinbergUpdate docs for curse removal
2021-02-04 advilUpdate some 13 year old docs with current build info...
2021-02-03 Nikolai LavskyCorrect a change log entry
2021-01-31 advilFix =f,=F,!Q inscriptions
2021-01-31 advilDon't use fire_order for Q menu inclusion
2021-01-10 advilUpdate keybind.txt for 0.26 changes
2021-01-08 gammafunkFinal changelog update for 0.26.0
2021-01-07 gammafunkRemove references to Charms magic (split)
2021-01-06 GoratrixUpdate changelog for 0.25.1
2021-01-05 advilChangelog updates
2021-01-04 advilAdd a note about sub-ordering for fire_order
2020-12-30 GoratrixClarify annotations in Ctrl+O and in the manual
2020-12-30 GoratrixSmall update in options guide
2020-12-29 gammafunkFix a changelog entry (ebering)
2020-12-29 gammafunkUpdate the changelog
2020-12-28 AliscansExpand the behavior of travel_open_doors
2020-12-24 advilAdd a bit more control to fire_order
2020-12-23 whealsEven more food removal (#1654)
2020-12-23 whealsCheckwhite
2020-12-23 whealsPut the cursor back in the X menu on Windows (#1536)
2020-12-20 gammafunkMore food removal cleanups
2020-12-17 GoratrixSmall corrections in the manual
2020-12-17 advilSeparate launcher from throwing actions
2020-12-16 Nicholas FeinbergRemove rotten meat
2020-12-14 gammafunkSome ghoul updates for the manual
2020-12-14 AdamPGUpdate species creation documentation to remove hungry...
2020-12-14 Marcelo Henrique... Add options to control display of the message window...
2020-12-14 Nikolai LavskyCorrect some typos
2020-12-14 Heinrich OdyAdd details for playing sounds via regular expressions
2020-12-13 gammafunkSome more changelog updates
2020-12-13 Edgar A. Bering IVRemove no_submerge from docs and des syntax highlighting
2020-12-13 Edgar A. Bering IVUpdate the changelog
2020-12-12 advilImplement -= for force_targeter (elliptic), consolidate...
2020-12-08 advilImprove autofight_throw and CMD_AUTOFIGHT_NOMOVE
2020-12-08 advilMore manual updates for quivers
2020-12-06 Nicholas FeinbergUpdate more missed MR -> WL conversions
2020-12-06 Nicholas FeinbergRename magic resistance to willpower
2020-12-04 advilLet `launcher_autoquiver` affect evokable artefacts
2020-12-03 advilRe-simplify quivering effect of wielding a launcher
2020-12-01 advilBetter document a tiles option (u/Social_Knight)
2020-11-27 advilAdd fine-grained rc control over static targeters
2020-11-27 advilDon't show static targeters for `Z`
2020-11-25 advilRefactor and consolidate melee attacks
2020-11-25 advilDocumentation, tutorial updates
2020-11-25 advilRefactor and improve some autofight checks
2020-11-25 advilUpdate some options text for quivering-related changes
2020-11-25 advilAdd static targeters for most untargeted spells
2020-11-25 advilImprove autotargeting for various quivered spells
2020-11-25 advilUpdate docs for quiver miscast severity option
2020-11-19 advilReword the demigod description (monkeytor)
2020-11-15 Kyle RawlinsTweaks to
2020-11-10 Kieron DunbarRename the "center_on_scroll" option as "centre_on_scro...
2020-11-10 Kieron DunbarChange the spelling of some words to Australian English.
2020-11-10 whealsRe-wrap to 80 columns
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2020-11-10 Sebastian ŁużyńskiUpdate
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