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2021-01-21 Andrew O'Neillremove CMD_EAT from colemak
2020-12-20 gammafunkMore food removal cleanups
2020-09-24 advilUpdate an advanced_optioneering example
2019-08-25 Alan MalloyRevert "Add attack-no-move bindings for Colemak" (...
2019-08-21 runrinAdd attack-no-move bindings for Colemak
2019-03-29 Andrew O'NeillFix CMD_MAP_UNFORGET in colemak keybindings
2018-06-13 gammafunkMerge pull request #788 from NormalPerson7/fix-temple...
2018-06-04 Chris CampbellMerge pull request #722 from dplusplus/fix_help
2018-06-04 Chris CampbellMerge pull request #767 from ebering/vd-full-health...
2018-05-30 gammafunkMerge pull request #762 from ebering/arrival-vault-pr
2018-05-29 gammafunkMerge pull request #769 from ebering/uskayaw-stomp...
2018-05-28 Edgar A. Bering IVUpdate old glyph sets for teleporter->transporter
2018-01-25 panicbitAdd neo command keys (#566)
2017-05-23 Kyle RawlinsAdd an official OS X terminal profile for dcss
2017-04-20 Chris CampbellMerge pull request #516 from jimperio/master
2017-04-16 Jomel ImperioFix Dvorak keyboard binding pull/516 516/head
2017-02-03 Isaac SloatMerge pull request #433 from glennmatthews/flag_useless...
2017-01-26 Nicholas FeinbergMerge pull request #434 from gordon-quad/colemak
2017-01-25 Gordon Quadcolemak keyboard binding fixed pull/434 434/head
2016-11-24 Nicholas FeinbergMerge pull request #403 from alexjurkiewicz/qaz-firewood
2016-11-24 Nicholas FeinbergMerge pull request #404 from alexjurkiewicz/golubria...
2016-11-23 Nicholas FeinbergMerge pull request #407 from johnny-0/377_fixes
2016-11-22 Isaac SloatTransform draconian callers into stormcallers
2016-11-22 Isaac SloatRemove draconian zealots
2016-11-21 Nicholas FeinbergMerge pull request #377 from johnny-0/curses_control_re...
2016-10-22 Nicholas FeinbergMerge pull request #355 from suncrab/bad-food-prompt
2016-10-14 gammafunkChange the glyph color of hornets to yellow
2016-09-30 Nicholas FeinbergMerge pull request #370 from aegolden/DeadStoreCleanup
2016-09-27 Isaac SloatRename greater naga to nagaraja
2016-09-16 Isaac SloatMerge pull request #340 from isloat/cantrips
2016-09-14 Isaac SloatRename giant spores to ballistomycete spores
2016-07-04 Shmuale MarkRemove an obsolete bit of Lua.
2016-05-27 Nicholas FeinbergMerge pull request #249 from alexjurkiewicz/ds-mut...
2016-05-27 Nicholas FeinbergMerge pull request #269 from alexjurkiewicz/describe...
2016-05-26 Nicholas FeinbergMerge pull request #274 from alexjurkiewicz/ar-stats
2016-05-26 Nicholas FeinbergMerge pull request #272 from yrmvgh/patch-7
2016-05-25 Shmuale MarkDon't waste turns/food by channeling when at max MP.
2016-05-23 Alan MalloyMerge pull request #206 from amalloy/escape-stair-fixup
2016-05-23 Nicholas FeinbergMerge pull request #270 from Sandman25DCSS/patch-1
2016-05-20 Nicholas FeinbergRemove a reference to a removed glyph file
2016-04-30 Nicholas FeinbergGlyph compatibility updates
2016-04-30 gammafunkMonster glyphs for version 0.17
2016-02-16 Shmuale MarkMerge branch 'passives'
2016-01-11 Nicholas FeinbergMerge pull request #201 from jmbjr/js-nemelex-cardlevel
2015-12-21 Shmuale MarkAlso update options files for DCHAR_ changes (|amethyst).
2015-09-12 Brendan HickeyMerge pull request #70 from coledot/smarter_monster_clo...
2015-08-23 gammafunkSome undead monster glyph changes
2015-04-15 Shmuale MarkAdd lightredbacks (simmarine).
2015-04-15 Shmuale MarkFire dragon -> lightred 'D', wyvern -> lightgreen 'l'.
2015-04-15 Shmuale MarkMerge branch 'skillmenu'
2015-04-03 gammafunkUpdate repository references to github from gitorious...
2015-04-01 Shmuale MarkRun checkwhite on docs/ and settings/ (reaverb).
2015-01-14 ellipticMerge add_autopickup_func and add_no_autopickup_func...
2014-12-14 Neil MooreUpdate monster_glyphs nostalgia for listoptionness.
2014-11-30 Steve MelenchukMerge branch 'panlord-colour'
2014-11-30 Shmuale MarkAdd a file that makes shift-move safe move instead...
2014-10-31 reaverbRemove "display_char = space: " from *glyphs.txt files
2014-10-29 Jesse Luehrsremove dec, ibm, and old_unicode as csets
2014-10-20 Steve MelenchukMerge branch 'mon-spell-slots'
2014-10-13 Neil MooreUpdate dir list in init.txt.
2014-10-13 Neil MooreMove where-to-find-help to the top of init.txt
2014-10-13 Shmuale MarkUpdate documentation (lobf).
2014-09-16 Shmuale MarkDitch the commented options in init.txt.
2014-09-16 Shmuale Markcset -> display_char, improve documentation, code.
2014-09-16 Shmuale MarkChange trapwalk_safe_hp to a boolean option.
2014-09-15 Steve MelenchukMerge branch 'iashol'
2014-09-15 Jesse Luehrsadd a new option to allow disabling all kinds of animations
2014-09-14 Jesse Luehrsadd option to control if animations are used
2014-09-10 Steve MelenchukAllow multiple species/backgrounds/weapons/combos in...
2014-08-27 reaverbMerge branch 'master' into iashol
2014-08-23 Pekka LampilaRemove out of date info from init.txt and options guide.
2014-08-20 Shmuale MarkUpdate 0.14_monster_glyphs for removed monsters/lightre...
2014-07-24 reaverbMerge branch 'master' into iashol
2014-07-12 Neil MooreRemove darts and dart traps from documentation (#8783)
2014-07-10 reaverbMerge branch 'master' into iashol
2014-07-02 Shmuale MarkMerge pickup_menu and pickup_menu_limit.
2014-07-02 Shmuale MarkRemove the show_gold_turns option.
2014-06-11 Shmuale MarkMerge branch 'mon-pickup'
2014-06-10 Shmuale MarkFinish reuniting giant fireflies with their bumblebee...
2014-06-10 Chris CampbellAdd an option for more consistent prompt behaviour...
2014-05-28 gammafunkRemove jewelry and armour sources of conservation
2014-05-28 Shmuale MarkRemove the now-superfluous friendly_pickup command...
2014-05-27 gammafunkRemove player burden and carrying capacity
2014-05-20 Shmuale MarkExplain item colours in init.txt (#4043).
2014-05-20 Shmuale MarkSynchronize headers of options_guide.txt and init.txt...
2014-05-04 Steve MelenchukMerge branch 'ranged_combat'
2014-04-30 Chris CampbellUpdate default init.txt for item_stack_summary_minimum...
2014-04-29 Shmuale MarkRemove grizzly bears.
2014-04-29 Shmuale MarkUpdate to 0.14_monster_glyphs.
2014-04-29 Chris CampbellMerge U and W monster glyphs into W
2014-04-27 Steve MelenchukMake nonbase 'd'raconians 'q'raconians.
2014-04-27 Steve MelenchukMake 'q'warves 'g'warves.
2014-04-27 Shmuale MarkFix some reversed 0.14_monster_glyphs.txt entries.
2014-04-25 Steve MelenchukThe great 0.15 monster glyph migration (#8242).
2014-04-17 Shmuale MarkReplace easy_open with travel_open_doors.
2014-04-17 Shmuale MarkRemove the level_map_title option.
2014-04-17 Shmuale MarkRemove the clean_map option.
2014-04-14 Mike BoutinCorrected commented value of show_inventory_weights.
2014-04-11 Eino KeskitaloRemove references to searching from the init file ...
2014-04-11 Steve MelenchukGive monster warnings their own channel.