Fix braces
[crawl.git] / crawl-ref / source /
2 hours ago KateFix braces master
2 hours ago KateFix a newly-introduced melee crash
3 hours ago KateClean up monsters that die due to acid retaliation...
4 hours ago KateDon't allow GDR below 0%
5 hours ago KateFix an information leak with LOS attack spells (#12605)
47 hours ago KateFix tag_upgrade compilation
47 hours ago KateDon't try and place djinn corpses in nicolae_arrival_me...
2 days ago KateUpdate some monsters-behind-glass vaults
2 days ago KateAdd dummy monsters for player djinn
2 days ago KateReplace Animate Skeleton with Call Imp in the tutorial
2 days ago KateUpdate tutorial some more (CanOfWorms)
2 days ago KateFix Poisonous Vapours not working on rPois- monsters...
2 days ago KateFix a tutorial/hints mode crash
2 days ago KateUpdate tutorial
3 days ago KateRework Poisonous Vapours not to create clouds
3 days ago KateRemove an unused tutorial pad
4 days ago advilfix: don't mark ash-cursed items as useless
4 days ago advilfix: fully inactivate faith for ashenzari (u/Imaginatio...
4 days ago Nicholas FeinbergPartially fix chain lightning death messages
4 days ago Nicholas FeinbergDisplay chain lightning damage in monster
4 days ago Nicholas FeinbergFix monster
4 days ago Nicholas FeinbergAdd a fairly silly splash (ArbitUHHH)
5 days ago advilfix: remove chain lightning delays with no animations...
5 days ago gammafunkFix a shop vault depth (nicolae)
5 days ago gammafunkSome shop vaults from nicolae (12593)
5 days ago gammafunkRefactor and expand objstat statistics
5 days ago Nicholas FeinbergRewrite new game spell setup
6 days ago advilfix: guaranteed source of digging in sprint_mu slime...
6 days ago advilfix: prevent closets in `heliophobic_arrival_ceremonial...
6 days ago DreamDustFix: lemuel_upstairs_altar
6 days ago hellmonk3Merge pull request #1972 from hellmonk3/rollingrocks
6 days ago hellmonk3Merge pull request #1971 from hellmonk3/zotshop
6 days ago hellmonkReturn blade hands to level 5
6 days ago KateAdjust Wereblood description
7 days ago Nicholas FeinbergAdd a Werewolf quote (Ge0ff, 12601)
8 days ago KateFix pluralisation
8 days ago advilfix: remove some ancient mac debugging code
9 days ago advilfix: enable autofight for blinkbolt
9 days ago advilrefactor: better organization for animated objects...
9 days ago advilRevert "refactor: slightly better organization for...
9 days ago advilrefactor: slightly better organization for animated...
9 days ago nlavskyDon't put Refrigeration users under penance for tracer...
10 days ago advilfix: remove accidental debug messaging
10 days ago advilbuild: reduce iterations for uniques testing
10 days ago advilfeat: tweak polar vortex glyph colours
10 days ago advilfix: more vortex removal for CI
10 days ago advilfix: remove an ENCH_VORTEX reference for CI
10 days ago advilfix: get rid of "unable to find exits" error in bounce...
10 days ago advilbuild: shorten mut_species.lua test
10 days ago advilfix: revert a debugging change
10 days ago advilfix: improve crashes for unrecoverable builder lua...
10 days ago Nicholas FeinbergLet Storm Form go mano-e-mano (engine, Reeces)
10 days ago Nicholas FeinbergRework Air Elementals
10 days ago advilfix: prevent save corruption on &P crashes
10 days ago gammafunkCheckwhite
10 days ago gammafunkSome Shoals vaults from nicolae (12593)
10 days ago gammafunkSome cleanups for Shoals.des
10 days ago gammafunkA quote for scrolls of identification (nicolae, 12593)
10 days ago Nicholas FeinbergDon't claim Okawaru cares about your friends (Ge0ff)
10 days ago Nicholas FeinbergStorm Form tweaks
10 days ago Nicholas FeinbergRemove Absolute Zero
10 days ago Nicholas FeinbergMove Chain Lightning to level 9
10 days ago Nicholas FeinbergShift: Tornado (L9 Air) -> Polar Vortex (L9 Ice)
10 days ago Nicholas FeinbergMove Freezing Cloud to level 5
10 days ago advilfeat: add basic tele closet detection to placement.lua
10 days ago advilfix: a batch of tele closet fixes
11 days ago advilfeat: options for resuming placement.lua in the middle
11 days ago advilfix: a batch of vault opacity fixes
11 days ago advilfix: some vault opacity fixes from nicolae
11 days ago advilfix: expand opaque mask skipping for vault exits
11 days ago advilfix: avoid vetoing islands in pf_hell_entry_tar_river
11 days ago advilfix: various vault transparency fixes
12 days ago advilfix: let `sword_in_stone` not choke on dancing singing...
12 days ago Nicholas FeinbergMake Wereblood heal 1d3 on kill
12 days ago Nicholas FeinbergDon't put a level 7 spell in a starting book
12 days ago advilfix: fix fixes
12 days ago advilfix: yet more hydraform removal
12 days ago advilbuild: more fully remove hydraform
12 days ago Nicholas FeinbergStorm Form to level 7
12 days ago hellmonkReplace hydra form with storm form
12 days ago hellmonkIncrease ice form's ac power scaling.
12 days ago Nicholas FeinbergRemove wandering mushroom/toadstool magic
12 days ago Nicholas FeinbergAllow silencing rolling charge (engine)
13 days ago KateAdjust elemental wellsprings
13 days ago KateShorten Gozag's distraction message
13 days ago AliscansFix an error message when creating a malformed dancing...
13 days ago l33t-d00dModify Grammar Sceptre of Torment
13 days ago Nikolai LavskyTweak Ozocubu's Refrigeration usefulness check
13 days ago dillyWJC Sifu names change
13 days ago hellmonkChange the gozag gold distraction message.
13 days ago Nicholas FeinbergDon't let animated armour open doors
13 days ago Nicholas FeinbergRemove unrand animated armour crash
13 days ago Nicholas FeinbergFix Vampiric Drain messaging (Yermak, 12597)
2021-06-06 Nicholas FeinbergRemove Invis range listing (Undo)
2021-06-06 gammafunkUpdate IRC and community information
2021-06-05 Nicholas FeinbergNerf peacekeeper bands in Vaults
2021-06-05 Nicholas FeinbergMake the Amulet of the Air enhance air (hellmonk)
2021-06-05 Nicholas FeinbergRemove Okawaru's friend conduct
2021-06-05 Nicholas FeinbergFix more Lear/merfolk/form bugs
2021-06-05 Nicholas FeinbergDon't allow wearing items over Lear's