16 min ago KateRemove Maxwell's etheric cage master
88 min ago KateUpdate lightning rod description
89 min ago KateDon't list zigfigs on the autopickup menu
89 min ago Umer ShaikhDisallow -tele on artefact weapons and jewellery
15 hours ago Nicholas FeinbergRename a variable (alexj)
15 hours ago Nicholas FeinbergRemove Call Imp type scaling (Wise Wolf)
15 hours ago Nicholas FeinbergImprove new Brilliance (bhauth, kate)
46 hours ago KateRemove Berserk's strength bonus as well
46 hours ago KateDon't recolour Dex on the HUD with agility active
46 hours ago Nicholas FeinbergCleanup might potion str
47 hours ago Nicholas FeinbergRemove the str bonus from !might lessmighty
47 hours ago KateUpdate brilliance status description
47 hours ago KateImprove potion of stabbing description
47 hours ago KateUpdate status documentation
47 hours ago KateSimplify agility to only apply bonus evasion
2 days ago Nicholas FeinbergRework the potion of brilliance newbrill
3 days ago KateMark a slime entry vault as no_tele_into (#12206)
3 days ago KateRe-brace
4 days ago Nicholas FeinbergFix tremorstone vaults
4 days ago Nicholas FeinbergMake tremorstones multi-use
5 days ago gammafunkUpdate the changelog (PleasingFungus, Ge0ff)
5 days ago gammafunkA new octopode splash screen from Nibiki
5 days ago Alex JurkiewiczCreate ~/.ccache if needed
6 days ago Byrel MitchellChange chance of triggering paralysis/pain bond to...
6 days ago Alex JurkiewiczImprove macOS Makefile support
6 days ago Alex JurkiewiczAdd size limits to ccache
6 days ago Alex JurkiewiczDisplay ccache config per-build
6 days ago Alex Jurkiewiczs/coveralls/codecov/
6 days ago Alex JurkiewiczExclude catch2-tests/ from coverage data
6 days ago Alex JurkiewiczDisable Codecov pull request comments
6 days ago Edgar A. Bering IVUpdate new dev guidelines
6 days ago Edgar A. Bering IVWrap to 80 columns
6 days ago Alex JurkiewiczRemove install instructions for Void Linux
6 days ago Alex improvements
6 days ago Nikolai LavskyDon't mention player-only mechanics in monster spells...
6 days ago Nikolai LavskyExtend alias functionality for database lookups
6 days ago Nikolai LavskyUpdate Summon Drakes description
6 days ago advilConvert dummy agility to stabbing, not degen
6 days ago advilAssimilate handling of dummy agility to other removed...
7 days ago KateFix a flight message not displaying
7 days ago KateReword a hint
7 days ago KateFix a monspeak entry (#12201)
7 days ago Nicholas FeinbergRemove a funny message
7 days ago Nicholas FeinbergFix garbage potions
8 days ago Nicholas FeinbergCleanup !agi cleanup
8 days ago Nicholas FeinbergCleanup !agi
8 days ago gammafunkMark potions of agility as removed (Yermak)
8 days ago Nicholas FeinbergPotion of agility -> stabbing potstab
8 days ago gammafunkAdjust floor and overlay tiles for Frozen Ramparts
9 days ago gammafunkHave Fedhas protect plants from clouds (sdynet, 12195)
9 days ago gammafunkRemove an unused function argument
9 days ago Aidan HolmDisable lua load(), loadstring() bytcode loading
10 days ago gammafunkClean up icy walls upon level load
10 days ago gammafunkProperly handle recasting of Frozen Ramparts (shummie)
10 days ago gammafunkImprove UI for attempting to recast Dragon's Call
11 days ago KateTurn the boots of the Assassin into a hat
11 days ago KateRemove Bloodbane and merge its properties into Leech
11 days ago KateFix the skin of Zhor's inscription
11 days ago gammafunkFix unrand uniqueness for acquirement (AliasTheSpectator)
11 days ago gammafunkFix acquirement for rare cases (amalloy)
11 days ago Nicholas FeinbergSplit tremorstone explosions in half (Wise Wolf)
12 days ago Aidan HolmDisable lua bytecode loading
13 days ago Nicholas FeinbergValue Tremorstones lower
13 days ago Nicholas FeinbergRe-alphabetize items.txt
13 days ago Nicholas FeinbergNew single-use item: Tremorstone pull/1282 shattersphere 1282/head
13 days ago gammafunkSome changelog trimming (PleasingFungus)
13 days ago KateAdjust some unrand descriptions
13 days ago KateRemove incorrect Xom pronouns
13 days ago KateImprove handling of skills for manual acquirement
2020-02-11 KateFix some changelog typos
2020-02-11 theJollySinFix an outdated file reference in a comment
2020-02-11 theJollySinDocument an arrival vault guideline (ebering)
2020-02-11 theJollySinNew arrival vaults
2020-02-11 gammafunkUpdate the changelog through 0.25-a0-491-gd071885120
2020-02-11 Nicholas FeinbergPavise -> tower shield (various)
2020-02-11 Alex JurkiewiczAdd Github Actions CI
2020-02-10 Alan MalloyDescribe item you plan to acquire
2020-02-10 Nicholas FeinbergFix unrand pavise player tiles
2020-02-10 Nicholas FeinbergFix some unrand shield player tiles
2020-02-10 Nicholas FeinbergRename shield -> kite shield
2020-02-10 Nicholas FeinbergRename large shield -> pavise
2020-02-10 gammafunkRefactor some vault loot statements
2020-02-09 gammafunkFix Dith's Shadow Mimic for Teleport Other (joemaro)
2020-02-09 KateImprove armour AC change descriptions
2020-02-09 KateFix Warlock's Mirror not reflecting piercing ranged...
2020-02-09 KateFix some vault item definitions (#12191)
2020-02-08 Nicholas FeinbergSmall Cigotuvi's tweaks and fixes
2020-02-08 gammafunkHave Vehumet support Frozen Ramparts
2020-02-08 gammafunkGive Cigotuvi's Embrace *Curse (hellmonk)
2020-02-08 gammafunkTweak god conducts for Cigotuvi's Embrace (PleasingFungus)
2020-02-08 Nicholas FeinbergCigotuvi's Embrace, unrand body armour
2020-02-06 Alex JurkiewiczChange the messaging for abandoned shops
2020-02-06 gammafunkFix monster AI for damaging walls (howmanybefore)
2020-02-06 gammafunkEnd Frozen Ramparts upon level change (Lightli)
2020-02-05 gammafunkWall overlays for Frozen Ramparts (CanOfWorms)
2020-02-05 gammafunkRemove an unused variable (geekosaur)
2020-02-05 gammafunkTweak Frozen Ramparts spell description
2020-02-05 gammafunkFrozen Ramparts, a level 3 Ice spell
2020-02-05 gammafunkIcicle covered walls
2020-02-05 gammafunkMake checks for slimy walls more accurate