2021-04-25 mgdelmonteadded travel.is_excluded pull/1928 1928/head
2021-04-25 mgdelmonteadding is_excluded to is_safe_square
2021-04-21 Edgar A. Bering IVRevert "Prevent bounced bolts from escaping LOS"
2021-04-21 Edgar A. Bering IVReword Vampire regeneration (Shummie)
2021-04-20 Edgar A. Bering IVDon't crash when aimed_at_spot the player can't see
2021-04-20 KateFree Hepliaklqana ancestors from the gender binary
2021-04-20 Edgar A. Bering IVFix a Hepliaklqana message (12568)
2021-04-20 Nikolai LavskyFurther fix webtiles display of defense boosts
2021-04-20 Edgar A. Bering IVPrevent bounced bolts from escaping LOS
2021-04-20 AlexanderPoschDon't reduce the bounce range of spells with items
2021-04-20 Edgar A. Bering IVReduce explicit species checks: barachi
2021-04-20 Edgar A. Bering IVMake Nightstalker adjust base LOS
2021-04-20 KateRefactor immunity display on %
2021-04-20 KateMark scarves of invisibility as useless with Sac Artifi...
2021-04-20 gammafunkHave soul bound monsters always create simulacra
2021-04-20 gammafunkFix an artefact amulet equip crash (Skunz)
2021-04-19 Edgar A. Bering IVdocs: changelog through 0.27-a0-1047
2021-04-19 advilfix: check is_stationary in _can_movement_ability ...
2021-04-18 Nicholas FeinbergMake guardian golem inner flame trigger consistently
2021-04-18 Nicholas FeinbergProperly credit guardian golem explosions
2021-04-18 RojjaCebollaAdd Poisonous Vapours to Veh's spell gifts table
2021-04-18 Edgar A. Bering IVNerf Makhleb heal-on-kill (cebolla, kate-)
2021-04-18 RojjaCebollaImprove Makhleb's Major Destruction
2021-04-18 Edgar A. Bering IVDescribe the ancestor's special shoot through properties.
2021-04-18 Edgar A. Bering IVRemember friendship (PleasingFungus)
2021-04-18 sdynetAllow projectiles to pass through ancestors
2021-04-18 Edgar A. Bering IVAdjust demonic guardian protections
2021-04-18 Nicholas FeinbergDon't give djinni stone/bone legs
2021-04-18 KateRemove an unused ability description
2021-04-18 KateTweak Palentonga charge ability description
2021-04-18 KateRefactor Word of Chaos
2021-04-18 KateAdjust descriptions for some DS mutations
2021-04-18 KateSimplify player torment immunity checks
2021-04-18 KateSimplify Demonic Will handling
2021-04-18 KateFix Pan lord pronouns
2021-04-18 KateAnnounce Pan floors with a guaranteed demonic rune
2021-04-17 advilfix: extra qualifier for mutation check in 3cb69ffe5362
2021-04-17 advilfix: more general code for species mutation fixup
2021-04-17 advilfix: Add generic fixups for four dj innate mutations
2021-04-17 advilfix!: reorder demonspawn mutations added in #1852
2021-04-17 Neil MooreClarify that whitespace fixes should be separate from...
2021-04-17 Neil MooreLink to coding conventions from
2021-04-17 hellmonkClean up some facet selection checks.
2021-04-17 hellmonkNew "Demonic Will" mutation for the damnation facet.
2021-04-17 hellmonkNew corruption/chaos themed demonspawn tier 3 facet.
2021-04-17 Edgar A. Bering IVGive torment resistance at level 2 of the damnation...
2021-04-17 Edgar A. Bering IVRemove the stochastic torment resistance mutation
2021-04-17 hellmonkRework the black mark facet.
2021-04-17 hellmonkRework the hurl damnation ability's power scaling.
2021-04-17 hellmonkAdd passive freeze to the generic mutation pool.
2021-04-17 hellmonkRemove passive freeze facet.
2021-04-17 GoratrixAdd variety to boots tiles
2021-04-17 advildocs: fix a typo
2021-04-17 advildocs: Document some commit conventions
2021-04-17 advildocs: convert coding conventions to markdown
2021-04-17 advilfix(tiles): Skip pre-layout message rendering
2021-04-17 gammafunkRework monsters in a lemuel castle vault
2021-04-17 KateDon't allow Manifold Assault to attack projectiles
2021-04-17 KateSimplify Cleansing Flame description (Yermak)
2021-04-17 Nicholas FeinbergNew Sastreii tiles
2021-04-17 KateUpdate MUT_PAWS description (advil)
2021-04-17 KateAdjust some stealth handling
2021-04-17 KateImprove known/unknown staircase descriptions (#1621)
2021-04-17 KateAdjust Barachi mutation description
2021-04-16 KateUpdate Cleansing Flame description (#12200)
2021-04-16 KateRemove the Random Bolt spell
2021-04-16 KateUse ancestor pronouns in a transference message
2021-04-16 KateSimplify a transference message (#1906)
2021-04-15 KateMake Serpent's Lash movement take priority over rampaging
2021-04-15 KateShorten the shopping list header slightly
2021-04-15 Neil MooreBe more clear about shopping-list total cost (Nivim)
2021-04-15 Neil MooreAdd tests for uppercase and friends.
2021-04-15 Neil MooreExpand on comma_separated_* tests
2021-04-15 AliscansLet the arena create an ironbound beastmasters on request.
2021-04-15 AliscansExplain why wizard mode create monster fails for ironbo...
2021-04-15 RojjaCebollaCreate
2021-04-15 Nicholas FeinbergDisplay chance to hit with spells (split)
2021-04-15 Nicholas FeinbergMany many new tiles (Sastreii)
2021-04-15 CanOfWormsMinor death yak tile edit (Sastreii)
2021-04-15 gammafunkAdjust an overflow altar and fix syntax
2021-04-14 gammafunkToke up the bong cloud
2021-04-14 hellmonkVery important vault.
2021-04-14 advilFix a missed .ico reference for windows installer builds
2021-04-14 advilStandardize app icon location/naming
2021-04-14 advilAllow specifying GAME at the make command line
2021-04-14 mgdelmonteAdded lua item.description
2021-04-14 CanOfWormsImprove readability of some new tiles
2021-04-14 Nicholas FeinbergSwap Static Discharge and Swiftness (hellmonk)
2021-04-14 Nicholas FeinbergFix Freeze death messages
2021-04-14 Nicholas FeinbergIncrease early D book variety
2021-04-14 Nicholas FeinbergNew Djinni title: Weightless Champion
2021-04-14 Nicholas FeinbergDon't let fleeing monsters aggress (sahdkjhfkaj)
2021-04-12 KateUpdate a comment
2021-04-12 KateFix handling of ARTP_REGEN on amulets (#12561)
2021-04-12 advilFix sacrifice validity issues + document
2021-04-12 Nicholas FeinbergNew Lich tile (Sastreii)
2021-04-12 advilTry to fix homebrew for mac CI runner
2021-04-12 advilTweak mac universal build targets
2021-04-12 KateUpdate starting screen and manual species descriptions
2021-04-12 KateTweak randart property availability