2021-05-03 BoahknucklesMerge pull request #1 from crawl/master pull/1938 1938/head
2021-05-03 dillyMinor fix for gnrine
2021-05-03 advilUpdate sdl2-image for android builds
2021-05-03 advilUpdate sdl2-mixer for android builds
2021-05-03 advilBump lua contrib for android builds
2021-05-03 KateAdd some missing cloud descriptions
2021-05-03 KateFix spelling
2021-05-03 KateTweak portal timer wording
2021-05-03 KateMake poison and miasma clouds affect unbreathing creatu...
2021-05-03 KateAdjust potion of mutation probabilities
2021-05-03 KateRemove wispform's blinkitis and extra speed
2021-05-03 gammafunkSome tweaks to an ice cave map
2021-05-03 hellmonkSlime themed ice cave.
2021-05-03 Nicholas FeinbergZappify dispel undead (ardl)
2021-05-02 advilfix: blanket no_tele_into for gammafunk_dig_for_victory
2021-05-02 advilfeat: allow setting tiles window width by ratio
2021-05-02 advilfix: cap Ashenzari scry radius at los
2021-05-01 KateDon't allow cancelling forced blinks with Ozo's Armour...
2021-05-01 advilfix: do hepl ancestor setup when receiving ancestor
2021-05-01 advilfix: swap a mutation check for felids
2021-05-01 Neil MooreDon't crash when the first of two ancestors dies
2021-04-30 Nicholas FeinbergFix: don't spawn hep ancestor until 1*
2021-04-30 Nicholas FeinbergOnly trigger spectral on melee (kingbuddyboy)
2021-04-30 Nicholas FeinbergShow actual attack delay on @
2021-04-30 Nicholas FeinbergRemove sInv from axes
2021-04-30 Nicholas FeinbergMove Hep frailty & ancestor to 1*
2021-04-30 Nicholas FeinbergWIP hep nerf
2021-04-30 advilfix: reorder messaging for irradiate
2021-04-30 advillint
2021-04-30 advilrefactor: unify hepl and fedhas ally protection
2021-04-29 advilrefactor: abstract some common fedhas code
2021-04-28 advilfix: disable cleaving during fsim
2021-04-28 advilfix: disable decapitation during fsim
2021-04-28 advilfix: save head count across fsim rounds
2021-04-28 advilfix: handle tab at weapon select menu
2021-04-28 gammafunkSome cleanups for a volcano map
2021-04-28 hellmonkNew volcano map with a smoke/steam theme.
2021-04-27 KateRemove some duplicated artefact checks
2021-04-27 KateAdjust some more artefact restrictions
2021-04-27 KateMark a teleport closet as no_tele_into
2021-04-27 advilfix: correctly check antimagic brand conflicts for...
2021-04-27 advilfix: remove "Power" from rand_wpn.txt
2021-04-27 advilfix: always announce xom chaos branding
2021-04-27 advilfix: check form in player::could_wield
2021-04-27 advilfix: annotate staves with {weapon}
2021-04-27 gammafunkRework the Jungle Book Lair ending
2021-04-27 Nicholas FeinbergTruly unique new tiles (Sastreii)
2021-04-26 advilfix: prevent -cast and +int (kate)
2021-04-26 advilfix: prevent RegenMP with -cast
2021-04-26 KateRedraw agrid on gaining the silence aura mut (#12577)
2021-04-26 advilfix: adjust connectivity for gammafunk_its_a_trap
2021-04-26 KateMake Repel Missiles unablatable
2021-04-26 KateRefactor disease to be a standard duration
2021-04-25 KateFix pluralisation of pieces from Xom's chessboard
2021-04-25 advilfix: correctly handle hand names ending in `e` (celly00)
2021-04-25 gammafunkFix a typo (Yermak)
2021-04-25 gammafunkDon't have burned demonic trees release demons
2021-04-25 gammafunkUpdate visuals of an Abyss-themed ghost vault
2021-04-24 Nicholas FeinbergSalamander tweaks (Sastreii)
2021-04-24 gammafunkFix up a Lugonu altar vault
2021-04-24 gammafunkAdd demonic trees (Sastreii)
2021-04-24 gammafunkDescribe burning mechanics in tree descriptions
2021-04-24 gammafunkRefactor descriptions of terrain modifiers
2021-04-24 gammafunkMove mangroves back to their own feature type
2021-04-24 gammafunkFix grammar handling of Zot trap descriptions
2021-04-23 advildocs: Document force_more_message vs runrest_stop_message
2021-04-23 advilrefactor: remove some more hunger references
2021-04-23 advilAdd portal alerts to default runrest_ignore
2021-04-23 advilAdd zot clock alerts to default runrest_ignore
2021-04-23 advilForce-interrupt all delays on zot clock messages
2021-04-23 advilMark diamond obelisks as not a threat
2021-04-21 Edgar A. Bering IVupdate CREDITS.txt
2021-04-21 Edgar A. Bering IVRemove food(.des)
2021-04-21 Edgar A. Bering IVFixup some Nemelex overflows (Yermak)
2021-04-21 Edgar A. Bering IVRevert "Prevent bounced bolts from escaping LOS"
2021-04-21 Edgar A. Bering IVReword Vampire regeneration (Shummie)
2021-04-20 Edgar A. Bering IVDon't crash when aimed_at_spot the player can't see
2021-04-20 KateFree Hepliaklqana ancestors from the gender binary
2021-04-20 Edgar A. Bering IVFix a Hepliaklqana message (12568)
2021-04-20 Nikolai LavskyFurther fix webtiles display of defense boosts
2021-04-20 Edgar A. Bering IVPrevent bounced bolts from escaping LOS
2021-04-20 AlexanderPoschDon't reduce the bounce range of spells with items
2021-04-20 Edgar A. Bering IVReduce explicit species checks: barachi
2021-04-20 Edgar A. Bering IVMake Nightstalker adjust base LOS
2021-04-20 KateRefactor immunity display on %
2021-04-20 KateMark scarves of invisibility as useless with Sac Artifi...
2021-04-20 gammafunkHave soul bound monsters always create simulacra
2021-04-20 gammafunkFix an artefact amulet equip crash (Skunz)
2021-04-19 Edgar A. Bering IVdocs: changelog through 0.27-a0-1047
2021-04-19 advilfix: check is_stationary in _can_movement_ability ...
2021-04-18 Nicholas FeinbergMake guardian golem inner flame trigger consistently
2021-04-18 Nicholas FeinbergProperly credit guardian golem explosions
2021-04-18 RojjaCebollaAdd Poisonous Vapours to Veh's spell gifts table
2021-04-18 Edgar A. Bering IVNerf Makhleb heal-on-kill (cebolla, kate-)
2021-04-18 RojjaCebollaImprove Makhleb's Major Destruction
2021-04-18 Edgar A. Bering IVDescribe the ancestor's special shoot through properties.
2021-04-18 Edgar A. Bering IVRemember friendship (PleasingFungus)
2021-04-18 sdynetAllow projectiles to pass through ancestors
2021-04-18 Edgar A. Bering IVAdjust demonic guardian protections
2021-04-18 Nicholas FeinbergDon't give djinni stone/bone legs