2020-03-22 Aidan HolmUpdate changelog 0.20.2
2020-02-16 Aidan HolmDisable lua load(), loadstring() bytcode loading
2020-02-13 Aidan HolmDisable lua bytecode loading
2019-03-18 advilDon't crash when there are game types from the future
2017-07-02 gammafunkFix some typos in the changelog
2017-07-01 gammafunkUpdate changelogs for 0.20.1 0.20.1
2017-07-01 advilConvert a segfault into an ASSERT failure
2017-07-01 gammafunkFix ORIENT and DEPTH tags on some float vaults
2017-07-01 Nikhil AddlemanFix alignment of Items table in crawl_manual.rst
2017-07-01 advilFix behavior of tile_full_screen with some associated...
2017-07-01 advilIgnore negative (relative) window sizes in fullscreen...
2017-07-01 kenranunderscorePrint a better message when an attempted blink is not...
2017-07-01 kenranunderscoreTree form now fully suppresses the blink and teleportit...
2017-07-01 cut1lessRemove Mottled Draconians from table of aptitudes ...
2017-07-01 Umer ShaikhRemove manual's reference to Ogres' especially good...
2017-07-01 advilRestore base value of 5 max kick damage (minmay)
2017-07-01 gammafunkMake a transporter vault transparent and adjust
2017-07-01 gammafunkFix up a transporter vault and move it deeper in the...
2017-07-01 gammafunkRemove a runed door from a vault
2017-07-01 gammafunkSome tweaks to a transporter vault.
2017-07-01 gammafunkTweak wall borders in some transporter vaults
2017-07-01 advilWarn on placing encompass vaults in the wrong place...
2017-07-01 advilPrevent crashes when a spiny monster kills itself under...
2017-07-01 advilAdd a bounds check
2017-07-01 Kyle RawlinsFix behavior of translevel autotravel when called on...
2017-07-01 gammafunkAdd missing branches to Vim DES syntax file and clean...
2017-07-01 gammafunkSupport lua markers in the DES Vim syntax file
2017-07-01 EMTedronaiDo not hard-code colors in levdes.vim.
2017-07-01 Nicholas FeinbergUngroup same-name mons in webtiles list (11110)
2017-07-01 cut1lessFix viable species/background option
2017-07-01 Kyle RawlinsPrevent random xom crashes on felid revival
2017-07-01 Alan MalloyFix a teleport closet in dpeg_arrival_solitude (Slave...
2017-07-01 advilMake Hep mutation wording more Hep-specific
2017-07-01 Corin Buchanan... Make Fedhas Sunlight targeter accurate
2017-07-01 advilAdd a `-` to the new cooldown status lights
2017-07-01 Alan MalloyConvert launch_retval to an enum class
2017-06-09 Alan MalloyDon't let equipped-weapon accuracy affect throwing...
2017-06-07 advilExtremely basic lua bindings for fsim
2017-06-07 advilFix NOWIZARD builds
2017-06-07 advilFix up restoration/sustab innate muts on load
2017-06-07 gammafunkFix the Android build
2017-06-03 gammafunkRemove an entry vault that can get a player stuck behin...
2017-06-02 gammafunkRemove the 0.19 survey message
2017-05-29 advilUpdate options doc to reflect default change in tile_we...
2017-05-28 gammafunkDown-weight two transporter overflow vaults
2017-05-28 gammafunkAllow transpoters to show up stash searches (qw)
2017-05-28 advilHandle mutation names with uppercase properly (elliptic)
2017-05-26 Kyle RawlinsDon't display local tiles tooltip on out of view cell
2017-05-26 Kyle RawlinsProperly reset m_overlay on resize (LHJW)
2017-05-26 gammafunkDon't choose non-starting species in random species...
2017-05-26 gammafunkFix and balance a float vault
2017-05-25 gammafunkUpdate the Debian changelog for 0.20 0.20.0
2017-05-25 gammafunkFinal 0.20 changelog
2017-05-25 Kyle RawlinsAdd a changelog entry for best_effort_brighten_foreground
2017-05-25 gammafunkTweak the changelog description of Ignition
2017-05-24 Kyle RawlinsChange default terminal settings for mac build
2017-05-24 Pekka LampilaRegenerate build.h when git version changes.
2017-05-24 gammafunkFix make install (heftig)
2017-05-24 gammafunkA Zot trap themed transporter vault
2017-05-24 Chris CampbellFix a vault typo
2017-05-23 Kyle RawlinsAdd an official OS X terminal profile for dcss
2017-05-23 DoesntyDon't let Kiku wrath inflict infinite miscasts (#533)
2017-05-23 hawthornbunnyFix "Wear which item" typo
2017-05-23 FurbehMake cooldowns for DDoor and Berserk accessible through...
2017-05-23 gammafunkBalance and overflow altar vault
2017-05-23 gammafunkFix an overflow vault crash (Sage1234)
2017-05-23 gammafunkTweak advpng compression levels in a png compression...
2017-05-23 Alex JurkiewiczReduce advpng compression webtiles sprite sheets
2017-05-23 gammafunkSome tweaks to Cocytus end vaults
2017-05-23 FloodkillerRemove flight requirements from Hell rune floors
2017-05-22 Andrew MintonComment fix.
2017-05-22 Andrew MintonRemove translucent transformations from the_grid_setup
2017-05-22 Andrew MintonAnother major the_grid revision
2017-05-22 Andrew MintonAdd no_monster_gen to minmay_the_grid_ultimate
2017-05-22 Andrew MintonRemove minmay_the_grid_triangle_9x9_line_8
2017-05-22 Andrew MintonFix translucent stone and green crystal in minmay_the_g...
2017-05-20 gammafunkFix a typo in an equip message (koboldina)
2017-05-19 gammafunkMove a float vault to its own DES file (Shimatora)
2017-05-18 gammafunkTwo wand-themed transporter vaults 0.20-b1
2017-05-18 gammafunkTwo overflow transporter vaults
2017-05-18 gammafunkSome transporter altar vaults for non-temple gods
2017-05-18 gammafunkTwo transporter float vaults
2017-05-18 gammafunkMake a minivault a float vault instead
2017-05-18 gammafunkRemove whitespace from a vault
2017-05-17 Kyle RawlinsFix Makhleb's major destruction (11063)
2017-05-16 DoesntDon't let apocalypse crab breath attacks ignore player...
2017-05-16 gammafunkChangelog through 0.20-a0-1124-g2e29d97
2017-05-14 Neil MooreImprove abyss_greek_temple wrt WJC.
2017-05-14 advilAdd a max for pain bond damage calculation
2017-05-10 gammafunkDisable gnolls in the stable release
2017-05-09 gammafunkDisable Wu Jian in stable
2017-05-09 gammafunkRefactor a disabled god check function
2017-05-09 gammafunkMake more room in an abyss altar vault
2017-05-09 advilDon't let shock serpent self-retaliate when confused...
2017-05-08 Neil MooreMiscellaneous mon-pick improvements.
2017-05-06 advilAdd a comment documenting an assert
2017-05-06 Chris CampbellRevert "Revert "Remove a vile lie about Whirlwind slowi...
2017-05-06 Corin Buchanan... Revert "Remove a vile lie about Whirlwind slowing."
2017-05-05 Corin Buchanan... Revert "Make altars cycle colors instead of randomly...
2017-05-05 Corin Buchanan... Make altars cycle colors instead of randomly shifting...