2020-03-22 Aidan HolmUpdate changelog 0.24.1
2020-02-16 Aidan HolmDisable lua load(), loadstring() bytcode loading
2020-02-13 Aidan HolmDisable lua bytecode loading
2019-12-15 advilFix ally warning prompt for irradiate
2019-12-15 advilFocus arena text input widget automatically
2019-12-15 advilFix a cherry-picking issue
2019-12-15 advilFix a missing !
2019-12-15 advilVarious improvements to seed selection
2019-12-15 advilFix (?) a race condition with ui state syncing
2019-12-15 advilDon't crash when checking if fedhas protects player...
2019-12-15 advilFix message replay at main menu
2019-12-15 James BuckAdd missing SUBST to gammafunk_ghost_icy
2019-12-15 advilHandle HUPs better in lua interpreter
2019-12-15 Edgar A. Bering IVUse targeter_radius hitfuncs for friendly fire checks
2019-12-15 Edgar A. Bering IVGeneralize and rename targeter_los
2019-12-15 Edgar A. Bering IVDon't crash in the ignite poison cloud tracer
2019-12-15 gammafunkFix monster ranged attack logic for some wands
2019-12-15 Aidan HolmFix chat keeping focus trapped after hiding (#12140)
2019-12-15 Aidan HolmFix minimized chat not being expandable via click
2019-12-15 Aidan HolmFix webtiles chat stuck focus issue
2019-12-15 Aidan HolmFix "Found item" messages not being coloued correctly...
2019-12-15 gammafunkDon't trap monsters in Zig pillars (AliasTheSpectator)
2019-12-15 gammafunkFix spell colors for Divine Exegesis
2019-12-15 Aidan HolmTidy up a bit
2019-12-15 Aidan HolmSimplify some local tiles code
2019-12-15 Aidan HolmShow sprint help for sprint menu help button (GH #1203)
2019-12-15 Aidan HolmFix webtiles chat not responding to mouseclicks (12136)
2019-12-15 gammafunkDeclare a global function
2019-12-15 advilDon't crash when right clicking in local tiles
2019-12-15 Istvan MarkoUse yaml.safe_load instead of load
2019-12-15 Aidan HolmFix mouse click not working in skill menu (12133)
2019-12-15 Aidan HolmFix input_dialog key binds on webtiles (kitchen_ace)
2019-12-15 Aidan HolmGrammar fixup
2019-12-15 Aidan HolmUse textbox widget for msgwin_get_line() popup
2019-12-15 Aidan HolmFix hotkey binding encoding on webtiles client
2019-12-15 Aidan HolmRemove unneeded focus
2019-12-15 Aidan HolmAdd textbox paste from clipboard function
2019-12-15 Aidan HolmFix focus traps breaking webtiles chat
2019-12-15 Aidan HolmImprove focus rendering for webtiles watchers
2019-12-15 Aidan HolmRemove unnecessary set_focused_widget() calls
2019-12-15 Aidan HolmRemove unused headers
2019-12-15 Aidan HolmMake webtiles seed selection dialog scrollable
2019-12-15 Aidan HolmSmall refactor of event handlers
2019-12-15 Aidan HolmExtract MenuButton focus-on-hover behaviour
2019-12-15 Aidan HolmUse textbox for arena UI
2019-12-15 Aidan HolmRefactor menu button activation handling
2019-12-15 Aidan HolmRefactor event delivery
2019-12-15 Aidan HolmAdd ui-specific event class
2019-12-15 Aidan HolmAdd event handler helper functions
2019-12-15 Aidan HolmSync all widget state on layout push
2019-12-15 Aidan HolmAdd focus sync
2019-12-15 Aidan HolmProtect against network races with popup generation IDs
2019-12-15 Aidan HolmAdd generic webtiles UI state syncing
2019-12-15 Aidan HolmImprove seed generation UI
2019-12-15 Aidan HolmAdd widget focus cycling
2019-12-15 Aidan HolmMake shift-tab work on unix console
2019-12-15 Aidan HolmMove controller event handlers to popup widgets
2019-12-15 Aidan HolmAdd widget internal child tracking
2019-12-15 Aidan HolmImprove Widget::for_each_child() helper
2019-12-15 Aidan HolmRemove Layout::add_event_filter() API
2019-12-15 Aidan HolmUse new hotkey API
2019-12-15 Aidan HolmAdd hotkey event handling support
2019-12-15 Aidan HolmAdd text entry widget
2019-12-15 Aidan HolmAdd checkbox widget
2019-12-15 Aidan HolmAdd improved console cursor positioning API
2019-12-15 Aidan HolmRename MouseEvent -> wm_mouse_event
2019-12-15 Aidan HolmRefactor widget hover path handling
2019-12-15 Aidan HolmExtract UI debug drawing code
2019-12-15 Aidan HolmMake box alignment members protected
2019-12-15 Aidan HolmClean up and ui.h
2019-12-15 Aidan HolmFix more compiler warnings
2019-12-15 Aidan HolmAdd const
2019-12-15 Aidan HolmFix enum + non-enum mixing in ?: expressions
2019-12-15 Aidan HolmRemove hacky function pointer casts
2019-12-15 Aidan HolmAdd UNUSED(...) macro
2019-12-15 Aidan HolmRemove/mark unused parameters
2019-12-15 Aidan HolmFix run_layout() clearing default focus
2019-12-15 Aidan HolmFix string_wrap removing trailing empty segments
2019-12-15 Aidan HolmSet initially focused widget from run_layout()
2019-12-15 Aidan HolmAdd support for formatted_string + string
2019-12-15 Aidan HolmAdd support for formatted_string += string
2019-12-15 advilVarious refactoring to make expensive calls less likely
2019-12-15 advilFix a wizmode / test crash on randbooks
2019-12-15 advilRefactor habitability checks around monster flight
2019-12-15 advilClean up some heavy-handed artefact code
2019-12-08 Edgar A. Bering IVPrevent an information leak with Mara Illusions (11946)
2019-12-08 Edgar A. Bering IVCorrect Flay status light colour (12147)
2019-12-08 Edgar A. Bering IVClarify Heal Other description (12128)
2019-12-08 Edgar A. Bering IVFix summoner highligting for console in webtiles builds
2019-11-20 Aidan HolmFix various small alignment issues
2019-11-20 Aidan HolmUse consistent desc/quote switch text
2019-11-16 Edgar A. Bering IVClarify and correct Vampire status info (12121, 12035)
2019-11-16 Edgar A. Bering IVDismiss most summons on attitude change (12082)
2019-11-16 advilRemove old flavor messaging from fedhas_altar_decomposi...
2019-11-16 Alex JurkiewiczRun GDB from /usr/local/bin on OSX
2019-11-16 Alex JurkiewiczRun gdb at lower priority
2019-11-16 Umer ShaikhMake the game check the floor when emergency eating
2019-11-13 gammafunkCorrectly cap duration for Fedhas summons
2019-11-10 Edgar A. Bering IVRemove edge cases from Fedhas protection
2019-11-10 Aidan HolmFix overenthusiastic nullptr find-replace