2020-07-17 advil0.25.1 changelog editing 0.25.1
2020-07-17 Byrel MitchellFix foxfire attacking out of LoS
2020-07-17 advilRevert "Prevent training summoning under Sacrifice...
2020-07-17 advilRevert "Don't offer sacrifice summoning after sacrifici...
2020-07-17 advilDisable cursor validity checks on windows
2020-07-17 advilFix actions retries (alexjurkiewicz)
2020-07-17 advilTweak windows console code
2020-07-17 Edgar A. Bering IVRename MainiacJoe in the CREDITS
2020-07-17 advilExclude from lint
2020-07-17 Alan MalloyDon't leak information about lig potions (#12317, andrew)
2020-07-17 advilFix a bad vector index in apportion (Nasst / 12316)
2020-07-17 advilRemove old death by lava/water code
2020-07-17 advilUpdate Makefile for cmd-name.h
2020-07-17 KateDon't offer sacrifice summoning after sacrificing love
2020-07-17 KatePrevent training summoning under Sacrifice Love
2020-07-17 advilDon't let Xom add to weight 0 innate mutations (Lightli)
2020-07-17 advilDon't write .prf files for tests
2020-07-17 advilDon't recursively crash during tests
2020-07-17 KateImprove descriptions of Ash's passive abilities (#12245)
2020-07-11 gammafunkFix a monster equipment DES error
2020-07-10 advilIncrease size of zig permastore the easy way
2020-07-10 advilLet `--bones merge` respect MAX_GHOSTS
2020-07-10 advilDon't let level excursions affect env.old_player_pos
2020-07-10 advilDon't detect gozag gold on level excursions
2020-07-09 advilUpdate credits
2020-07-09 advilDraft changelog for a 0.25.1 release
2020-07-09 Eugene AbramchukAdjust Sprint III cloud generators
2020-07-09 advilFix some outdated wording in hints mode
2020-07-07 Nikolai LavskyFix a leftover scarf of cloud immunity (Yermak)
2020-07-07 whealsAdd a note when acquiring items.
2020-07-07 advilConditionalize you.on_current_level in load_level
2020-07-07 advilFix full pregeneration (alexjurkiewicz)
2020-07-05 advilRemove a dubious string::reserve call in websockets
2020-07-05 advilExplicitly set the cursor region to GOTO_CRT for map...
2020-07-05 advilSave cursor position before clrscr
2020-07-05 advilQuick fix for crashing map view in webtiles
2020-07-05 advilUse a smarter cprintf in
2020-07-05 advilSet cursor region on fakecursorxy
2020-07-05 advilTry to fix flash + input interactions once and for...
2020-06-30 advilDon't let hints global state persist across restarts
2020-06-30 advilUse last game type for startup menu, cleanup
2020-06-30 advilFix epilogue reloading
2020-06-30 Nicholas FeinbergMark !stab useless under TSO (Yermak)
2020-06-30 advilOptimizations for drawing many gold piles
2020-06-30 Elliot DronebargerFix segfaults when casting spells from wizmode (11889)
2020-06-30 GittourarmyShow full name for orc resurrection prompt
2020-06-30 GoratrixFix scarf of harm not working
2020-06-30 advilOptimize some default autopickup lua code
2020-06-29 gammafunkFix loot in nicolae_gauntlet_exit_dead_adventurers
2020-06-29 advil0.25-specific seed fix for heliophobic_arrival_battle_scene
2020-06-27 advilFixup in case a bug leaves a player in a wall
2020-06-27 advilAdd some sanity checks for flashes/more
2020-06-27 advilFix a case where certain crashes could save during...
2020-06-27 advilCrash when trying to save the game during a level excursion
2020-06-23 advilDon't allow stacking from empty decks
2020-06-21 advilRemove an ASSERT for unlinked temporary items
2020-06-16 gammafunkUpdate the Debian dependency list
2020-06-15 advilDon't call show_init from viewwindow off-level
2020-06-15 advilFix a crash for elemental staff fallbacks
2020-06-15 advilAdjust some catch2 tests
2020-06-15 advilDon't call redraw_screen while off-level
2020-06-15 advilFix timing for map view cursor clamping
2020-06-14 advilFix some crashes with fallback randarts for staff of...
2020-06-14 Nicholas FeinbergFix cloud gen triggers on load (WindshieldViper)
2020-06-12 Edgar A. Bering IVMore credits for 0.25 (oops)
2020-06-12 gammafunkChangelog updates for 0.25 release 0.25.0
2020-06-11 advilFix an interaction of fallback randarts and acquirement...
2020-06-11 advilFix pregeneration for upgrades where branch size changes
2020-06-11 gammafunkDon't warn about blocked LOF for Starburst
2020-06-11 gammafunkFix some target prompts under Fedhas
2020-06-08 shummieChange = to == in checking crawl_state.type
2020-06-08 advilFix viewmap catch2 even more
2020-06-08 advilFix catch2 tests for map panning / clamping
2020-06-08 advilShow seed for seeded play with welcome message
2020-06-08 advilTweak how seed games are displayed in ?v and chardump
2020-06-07 advilsemicolon
2020-06-07 advilRestore map view clamping behavior (elliptic)
2020-06-07 gammafunkUse correct DES syntax for wand charges
2020-06-06 advilChangelog tweaks
2020-06-03 Nikolai LavskyDon't pick up duplicate tins of tremorstones
2020-06-03 advilRemove a stray bolt of fire
2020-06-03 advilConsolidate code for applying game_scale
2020-06-03 advilLet tile_filter_scaling=false work on mipmapped textures
2020-06-03 advilFix font glitches at very high device density
2020-06-03 advilAdd a global scaling option for local tiles
2020-06-03 advilRestore note about pasting to local tiles seed selection
2020-06-03 advilDon't print "levelgen mode: deterministic"
2020-05-29 Nicholas FeinbergFix some no_tele_into shops (minmay)
2020-05-29 aaronegoldenFix up some typos in the docs folder. (#1434)
2020-05-29 advilTweak dispreferred newgame colors on local tiles
2020-05-29 advilFix an unused param warning
2020-05-29 advilFix a signed/unsigned warning
2020-05-29 Aidan HolmRemove ability to memorize spells from their description
2020-05-28 gammafunkUpdate the changelog
2020-05-28 gammafunkA tile for tin of tremorstones (CanOfWorms)
2020-05-27 gammafunkDon't have allies avoid player line of fire
2020-05-25 advilFix a randart name class (12270 / Flugkiller)
2020-05-25 gammafunkRemove Lightli...
2020-05-25 Edgar A. Bering IVUpdate CREDITS.txt
2020-05-24 Edgar A. Bering IVStimulate Xom on worship from a faded altar